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Rae and TT [entries|friends|calendar]
Poisoned Kisses

cute but not too smart
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December 11th, at 6:56pm]
New lj.......go add it.


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December 4th, at 10:03pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I'm so fuckin happy.lol. I'm dating the most amazing guy ever!!! He's the best! I love him so much. He is just so damn sweet. I love being with him. He makes me feel special. I never wanna lose him. I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost him. I've never felt like this over anyone. He's the love of my life.

Rachael and Thomas forever and always.<3 I love you Thomas 11-05-05.......<3<3<3
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November 21st, at 7:54pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Hey everyone.....I finally got my computer back from the shop....thank god. But anyways. My granny is in the hospital(sp?) again. She was only suppose to be in there for 1 or 2 days and they have kept her in there for almost a week. I'm really worried about her. She won't hardly eat or drink anything. We have to force her to eat even a place of soft candy.

I'm dating Thomas S (TT) now and he is so sweet but we hardly ever talk. I really like him and he seems to really like me too.

I have had a lot of stress and stuff lately. I have been to the point were I have cut myself over 50 times in the past 3 days. I can't take all of this stress that everyone is puttin on me. All my mom wants me to do is be the best flute player ever and I can't. She will not leave me alone about it. She is forcing me to challange Kirstie for 2nd chair. and I don't want to....I know I can beat her but I don't do good under persurre(or however u spell that). Cara is challgein me for 3rd chair and I know for sure that she is going to beat me and then my mom will make me challagne her back. She is also stressin me out over school work. When I am perssured on something....I freak out and I can't do anything.....and I tell her that every fuckin day. I'm tired of it and besides that...theres just way too much stuff goin on in my life right now. If it wasn't for Sarah, Presley, Tiffany, Thomas, my dad and my granny....I wouldn't be here anymore. They are the only people keeping me for committin suicide.

Sarah is the bestest friend anyone could ever have. She is always there for me and always calms me down when I'm really pissed off or something. She cheers me up when I'm depressed. She always seems to make me laugh with whatever she says. I love her like the sister I never had. If I lost her I don't know what I'd do.She is there for me through thick and thin.She sticks by me with everything. Sarah......thank you for always bein there for me to talk to. Thanks for always havin your shoulder there for me to cry on. I love all of your hugs that you give me to cheer me up. It all really means a lot to me.  I love you Sarah.

Presley is one of the koolest people ever. She is always nice to me and that's awesome. I lost her once and If I had her again....I wouldn't want to lose her again. She was one of the best things in my life at one time. I would love to have her in my life again. But I'm afraid of gettin hurt again. She is a really good friend and I love her.

Thomas is the sweetest guy I know. Even though we hardly talk....we like each other a lot. Before we started dating.....he was always there for me and he still is.

Tiffany has been my friend through everything. She has stuck by me through everything.....even when I told her that I was a bisexual. She is always there. She always helps me with every problem that I have. I love her like a sister. Love ya Tiffy Wiffy.

Daddy is hardly ever home but I know he loves and cares about me. He has never turned his back on me. He was even there when he found out that I was bi. I am a daddy's girl and I don't know what I would do if I ever lost my dad. I love you dad.

Granny has been there for me as well but was never there as much as she would like to be. I know my granny loves me and would do anything for me like my dad would. I would be seriously sad if she died soon....I want her to live much longer than this. I love you granny.

Well I guess I have updated enough for one night....leave some comments....bye.


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August 10th, at 9:48am]
[ mood | happy ]

I had to have my stupid schedule changed so here it is....

B1: Ancient History with Mr.Whited

B2: PE (Driver's Ed) with Mrs.Prater

B3: Algebra 1-A with Mrs. Mullins

B4: Band with Mr. Seay

Homeroom number is 103A

locker number is 1065

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Damnit.. [Saturday
July 23rd, at 2:47pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Well I got the damn schedule today. Here are my fuckin classes..

B1: Ancient History with Whited

B2: Algebra I-A with Dennis Mullins

B3: PE

B4: Band with the man Mr. Seay


Yes yes....there's my schedule.....



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Friends only bitches....haha [Friday
July 22nd, at 7:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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